Pastor Lancan P Mathai



Pastor Biju P Joy

Vice President


Br. Sibey K Mathew



Bro Finny Mathew

Joint Secretary


Bro James Parel

Council Members 

Bro Joby Joseph (Programme Coordinator),Pr Sabu John ,Pr Sam Mathew ,Pr Manjunath,Pr Samson,Pr Graceson Thomas,Pr Lijo Pappan ,Pr Nibu Skaria ,Bro Roshan k Abraham,Bro Pradeep Mathew,Bro Samuel S,Bro Boben Samuel,Bro Ramesh,Bro Sampath,Bro Kelvin George,Bro Bibinn Roy

PYPA is one of the leading auxiliary ministries under Indian Pentecostal Church of God. It is a grooming ground for new leaders and preachers for the church. Many talented ministers and believers have emerged and continue to emerge from the folds of PYPA. Under the able leadership of Pr.Lancan P Mathai and Bro. Sibey Mathew  the PYPA in Karnataka State has contributed significantly towards the ministry in Karnataka State. With a vision to inspire and build a generation of faith, the association in the Karnataka State strives to create a spiritual setting for young people to listen to the word of God, fellowship together, develop their spiritual talents, be witnesses for Christ and serve our communities. Under the Project S2S, the PYPA is providing many social and economic benefits to the poor and needy in Karnataka.

Project S2S

  • Insurance cover of 1 lakh rupees for Pastors in Karnataka.
  • Vocational training for girls in partnership with Gateway International , Bangalore.
  • Setting up tailoring training centers in various Districts of Karnataka

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